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March 24 - 2020 


Finansavisen one of the largest business newspaper had a story from me today. We are in the middle of the Corona crises and the government and central bank trying to help the situation when the country and the world more or less is closed down. It this situation it would be good to have Central Bank Digital Currency.










July 2019 - The Tokenizer


The Tokenizer had a interview with Lasse on bank and the new token economy.

Are banks in the Nordic prepared for the new eco system evolving based on Blockchain / DLT, and what about cryptocurrency?






July 2019- Blockchain insider

In today's bonus episode Simon joined by a host of brilliant guests directly from the stage at Money20/20, including:

  • Matthew Pollard, Founder Archax
  • Sandra Ro, CEO, CBBC
  • Lasse Meholm, Head of Blockchain & DLT Strategy, DNB Bank

First up the panel discuss Centralised VS Decentralised. Is the word decentralisation scary? Should we use the word distributed instead? Banks are already decentralised, but would it be more efficient to have one bank to rule them all? Can we move to a world where there is a mutable ledger? Or are we just dropping buzzwords at this point?

Next, we talk about Utilities VS Securities! So, what is a token? What is the difference between a token and a traditional accounting entry? Can you think of tokens as loyalty points? What about the word security? Also, salt, squirrels and gold dragons, have you got your historical currencies straight? Join us for a quick quiz on what items used to be treated as currency!

Finally, our panel talks about the future of programmable money. First of all, what does it mean? Could there be a case of social money granted from the government getting programmed to only be useable in the way the government wants you to use it? Should the government have access to that information? Or, could it mean a more frictionless way for companies to participate in capital formation?


August 2018  - Nordnet

En stille sommerdag var jeg invitert til «studio» hos Nordnet. De har en flott serie podcast om investeringer og pensjon, men denne gangen var det innholdet i boken min «Penger fra huleboer til robot» som var tema. Jeg og Anders Skar fikk en super dialog og endte med den lengste podcast’en Nordnet har, 1 timer og 16 minutter. Mye om historien til penger og litt om fremtiden til penger.